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Check B4U Drive continues for 2013. This is the Foundation’s safe driver program for teens with diabetes. Response to the program is strong and we’ll add a couple of new features to the program this year. Keep checking back to learn more, but one thing we’re working to do for parents that opt to stay for the day is a special session on "great food, menus and meals for families with diabetes." 


The Foundation’s objective is continue working to bring the program to cities across the U.S. and further its status as one of the premier programs for teens with diabetes. You can help! Become a "program chairperson" in your area. See our Volunteer page for more information.


Check B4U Drive is a one-day drivers mini-camp combining effective diabetes management with advanced driving skills.


From the very start, the program was (and is) designed specifically for teens with diabetes.  With driving age being a critical milestone of independence, it's important for teens with diabetes to socialize and learn the best ways to prepare for a life of safe driving.

The program is exciting, educational and a day of well-spent time!  Teens from past programs walked away excited about getting some advanced and performance driving instruction most of their peers may never get!

Watch our NEW introduction video, plus race driver Scott Kuhne's program video. You can also see a series of FAQ videos from past participants and others who are involved with the driving program.  The first FAQ video features Todd Hansen – a Foundation member , professional race car driver and participant/instructor for the program.

Check B4U Drive is a Three-Part Program

1. Presentation and roundtable discussion about safe driving, the dynamics of a motor vehicle, and managing critical situations.


2. Presentation and roundtable discussion with a Certified Diabetic Educator. We bring the "best" to the program!


3. The largest portion of the day's program - nearly 75% of it - is "in the car."  With great instructors, you are "put through the paces." You will learn and practice:

  • Hard stops
  • Accident avoidance
  • Slalom handling
  • The "perils of distraction"
  • Other driving techniques


We may pump up the adrenaline, but it's all done to help you become better and safer drivers - while retaining critical knowledge of diabetes management.


You want to be safe and you don't want to jeopardize others on the road.

Numerous Benefits and NO COST
At the end of the program, participants come away with some extra confidence, new friends and a feeling of having been part of a "select group" of participants. (To keep this program fun and personal - and to learn as much as possible - participation is limited (depending on location) to no more than 15 to 21 teens per event day.

When we bring this program to a location, we typically conduct two or three one-day sessions and each event day is limited to a new group of 15-21 participants.  If you are age 15-19, with diabetes, with a valid permit or driver's license, you are eligible to register.


There is NO COST for the program.

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Check B4U Drive Intro Video
Watch our NEW Check B4U Drive Program Video!

Scott Kuhne on Check B4U Drive
Watch Scott Kuhne describe our Check B4U Drive Program!

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